Wooden Bamboo Wayfarer Sunglasses

Sunglasses have become a need in summer when everyone wants to save eyes from the blazing sunlight. Stylish sunglasses don’t only add value to your style but also help you to prevent dangerous UV rays coming from the sun. Investing in good sunglasses is a great idea but most of the people seemed afraid of losing their expensive sunglasses and look for a cheap solution. BOBO Bird came forward and addressed this issue in a great way. They designed outstanding wooden bamboo wayfarer sunglasses which are cheap in price and take your sense of style to the next level.

How are BOBO Bird Sunglasses Made?

BOBO Bird is a big name in the world of bamboo sunglasses manufacturers. Only high-quality bamboo is used for the manufacturing of sunglasses which is imported from Uganda and Malawi. Designers make unique designs of sunglasses which ensure maximum comfort to the wearer and special machines are used for the right cutting and edging of the sunglasses while some of them are made by hands. UVA and UVB polarized lenses are installed in the glasses which are later tested by the quality assurance team.

Benefits of Wooden Bamboo Wayfarer Sunglasses

Wooden bamboo wayfarer sunglasses are worn by many celebrities like Will Smith and Catharine Zeta Jones. You can also get a celebrity charisma by wearing these sunglasses and stand yourself out from the crowd.

Men’s Wooden Polarized Sun Glasses Retro



Staying close to nature has many benefits and the same goes for the wooden bamboo sunglasses which are eco-friendly and relaxes your mind and refreshes your eyes. It’s not necessary that you choose zebra printed sunglasses or pure wooden texture rather you can go for plain black and brown colors and match them with your dressing. Die to the eco-friendly nature, these glasses don’t absorb heat and reflect sunlight without making any glare. They have no side effects for the environment and pose no threat to human and animals’ lives due to the recycled nature. Bamboo grows faster and has flexible and long-lasting wood which doesn’t break easily.

Perfect for Driving:

BOBO Bamboo uses high quality polarized lenses in their sunglasses which cut the glare and let the glasses pass the only right amount of light. This feature makes these sunglasses useful for driving and you can even see a detailed image of a hazy landscape. Brown tint and dark lenses make a sharp image of the landscape and you see everything beautiful. No glare and even light of the view ensure safe driving and prevent accidents while keeping your eyes safe from all kinds of side effects.

Handmade Wooden Sunglasses:

Handmade things always cast a long lasting impression and so our sunglasses. These handcrafted sunglasses are unique in design and equally useful for both and women. Different designs are available in various colors and spiced material. One can also order custom sunglasses to make a perfect combination with the outfit. Special care is taken in the manufacturing of these sunglasses so they perfectly fit the face of the wearer.

Wooden Bamboo Wayfarer Sunglasses (White)

Light in Weight:

Usually, plastic and metal farmed sunglasses feel heavy and leave stains on the nose. Excess seating in summer causes irritation and the wearer feels uncomfortable. Bamboo sunglasses are light in weight and never harm the delicate skin of the nose. No wounds and rashes prove it the best choice for outdoorsy persons like engineers and workers. Due to the light and comfy material, bamboo sunglasses are a healthy and smart choice.

Various Uses:

The use of wooden sunglasses isn’t limited only to driving rather you can wear them on different occasions. These lightweight sunglasses answer to your all style needs as you can add the right amount of grace in your personality in a beach party without fear of losing your sunglasses in water because they keep floating on the water and never sink in the water. Similarly, one can use them for water sports where normal sunglasses can’t bear the pressure of water and break down easily. These sunglasses have flexible hinges which fit the glasses on your face and give you the right level of vision.

Easy to Handle:

Bamboo sunglasses are easy to use and the life span of these glasses significantly increases when you keep them in a bamboo case and clean the lenses with microfiber cleaning cloth. It rarely sustains scratches and hues of the lenses never fade away no matter how long you use them. No harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing as these are purely natural and made from the versatile bamboo plant so you don’t need to take additional precautions.
Look classy and stylish without exposing your eyes to harmful UV rays. Sustain a strong and undisturbed sight at bright sunny days and forget the eye problems caused due to the sunlight and glare. Stay close to nature and enjoy its blessings without disturbing your budget!

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